1. Jacque

    Im so glad you wrote this blog post! I know you’ve told your story before and I had read Alma’s but, it was hard not to be too wrapped up in my own new baby/birth process to really hear it. We love you Harriet! And Alma! And Carolyn & Jesse!! 😛

  2. So impressed at how much you can remember. And such a cool story.

    It’s amazing the difference something like a wee arm or shoulder can make. But the way you all worked through it, and things were ok.

    It’s incredible to think of how young and wee Alma still was! And now she has indeed changed so much, thanks in part to being a big sister. Can’t wait to see how Connor handles becoming a sibling.

    And right there with you on two being enough 🙂

    • Carolyn

      It’s so amazing to see your kids become siblings! Connor will love it!

      And for sure – two is enough. 🙂

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