This week has been a sick one.

Alma’s had a fever for 5 days… She woke up this morning with an upset stomach.

I caught a cold.

Hattie is teething like a crazy baby.  Her teeth have decided to bring a runny nose along for the ride.

Today Alma’s fever is gone, but her attitude is still in the dumps.

My cold is on its way out.

Hattie is still teething, but basically a happy baby.

So, that’s why the blog has been a little neglected.

Special thanks to Jesse for staying home on Tuesday to take care of us, and to my dad and step-mom for taking Hattie yesterday so Alma and I could concentrate on recuperating.

Alma’s Time To Shine… Err… Twinkle

wpid-picshop-dbd163fde4b5f34804e91f11c0e91ee6.pngThere are times that your child will do something that astonishes you.

We are at a brewery to see Alma’s grandpa sing with his bandmate, Ken.

Alma shouts “ABCs! ABCs!”  between songs.  They don’t take her request.

It is the end of the first set.  Grandpa says he will sing “Twinkle Twinkle”

I take Alma up to sing with him.

She goes right up to the mic and sings.

She sings perfectly.

The whole song.

Ken grabs his harmonica and plays along.

Jesse thinks for a moment about getting out his phone to record the moment.  He chooses to just be in the moment and watch and listen and feel.

She finishes strong and clear and loud.

Everyone claps.  Alma bows.

My mind and heart explode.

Now, you must understand something.  Alma doesn’t sing on command very often.  She’s very ‘two’ and loves saying ‘no’ to all requests.  Alma doesn’t make it through a whole song very often.

Now, you must picture something else.  While my step-dad is playing, people are sort of watching, sort of talking to friends, sort of drinking beers.  When Alma sings, everyone, everyone stops what they are doing and watches.

They all watch.

Now, I understand that this doesn’t mean my daughter is a prodigy or did anything particularly amazing.


It was amazing to me.  I will always remember it.  Jesse will always remember it.

It’s moments like these.

These are the moments that make all the ‘no’ and ‘I don’t like it’ worthwhile.

We are raising a truly spectacular human being.

Friday Gratitudes 24

Oops. On a Sunday.








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