Welcome to my new website!


This blog is about the things we do.  We parent, eat, learn, create, and give thanks.

My goal is to post about each of these things every week.

  • On Mondays I will share something that I did during the week that is related to parenting: something we did with our daughters, some tips I have, something about our daughters…
  • On Tuesdays I will share something related to what we ate, or something from our garden…
  • Wednesdays are about learning.  Since I have degrees in English and in teaching, I am passionate about reading and writing, and sharing those things with the world.  Expect to see book recommendations, writing prompts, ways to record stories…
  • Thursdays are about creating.  I love to sew, quilt, take photographs, paint, craft. I’ll share what I’m working on on Thursdays. Many things that I make will end up on my Etsy shop: H&A Baby – I hope to keep adding things to the shop, so check back!
  • Fridays will be when I give thanks.  My One Little Word of 2014 is gratitude, so on Fridays, I share what I have been grateful for during the past week.  I’ve been doing this all year, and am really loving this exercise.

Obviously, there will be things that happen that won’t fit into a category – more likely things will happen that fit into multiple categories – and I will fill those in as we go.

That’s what I’m doing, thanks for coming along for the ride!