1. I love this! My daughter (age 2) has been obsessed with this Minnie Mouse (ugh) book where she is a princess and Mickey and the other characters “rescue” her. I die a little bit every time I read it to her, occasionally ad-libbing some lines about “Minnie could learn karate and protect herself.”

    • That is hilarious! I do some ad-libbing sometimes, too. We gotta do what we gotta do! Have you looked for different Minnie Mouse books that have a better ‘message?’ Two year olds are tricky with this stuff! 🙂

      • I thought about it, but it’s not MInnie she likes (she could care less about the characters). There is something in the story line (it’s about musketeers) that is appealing. Maybe it’s Mickey’s kick-ass-ery. 🙂

  2. Aubyn

    Hi Carolyn!
    I just took a look around your blog and I feel like we just caught up! Congratulations on your two girls- they are adorable. It looks like you are doing really well.
    Bless you, my fellow mamma =)

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