Secret Rain Message DIY

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Back in the sunny summertime, I did this project.  I made a secret rain message DIY using NeverWet spray paint.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to take raining photos – starting with a mostly dry sidewalk and ending with the secret rain message!

Secret Rain Message- Andthenthey(I can’t figure out why the last part of this photo is just black, but I’ve stopped caring enough to figure it out…Edit: apparently it’s fine. Go figure)

Finally, last week we had just the day!  I can’t wait to see how it holds up with the foot traffic and heavy winter rains and possible snow.

It’s fun to see it appear like magic, and it’s fun to see the letters stay (mostly) dry all day long.  If there’s a lot of rain, the water sort of seeps into the letters, but you can still see them very clearly.  Alma loves to say, “My letters!” when she sees them on the porch.

For my instructions on how to make a secret rain message, check this out!  I would love to see if you make it yourself!