I am finally getting around to working on, and posting all the photographs from our trip to California a couple weeks back.

We have been so busy these past couple weeks that the photos have just sat on the computer being sadly ignored.  This week I plan on sharing all the stories and some of the photos of our great trip down south.

First up is how we got to take both girls on their first plane rides!

Unfortunately, our first flight was at about 3:00, which wasn’t the best timing for naps.  Harriet usually goes down around 1, so we tried to push her until we were on the plane.  This just made her into a rage filled non napper.

When we found our seats, a poor 20-something man was in the seat next to me and my huge, rage-baby.  I felt really bad for him.  Luckily, the travel gods were smiling on us (and especially him), and he was moved to the front row – no baby, and more leg room – lucky guy!


Jesse and Alma had a great flight sharing goldfish crackers, ginger ale, reading new books, playing with new toys, watching Frozen and playing Daniel Tiger with fun new  headphones!  She loved the whole thing.  When we landed she said, “Fly again?!”

IMG_2783Hattie took a little bit more work.  She would scream, and fall asleep briefly, then wake up in a rage, and fall back asleep.  I ended up holding her in a very uncomfortable position for quite some time.  Then, near the end, I was able to move her onto my chest where I could let gravity help me out.

It was a short flight, and once we landed, everything was perfect.  We got our bags and car seats within minutes, got right on our rental car shuttle, got our car, and were on the road.  Pretty smooth!

And we were in beautiful Southern California!