Cooking Day With Alma

Last week I went to a talk given by Jami from An Oregon Cottage and was inspired.  She talked about living frugally and cooking from scratch.  A couple years ago I baked all our bread for a year, I have made lots of things from scratch over the years, we were semi-vegetarian for about a year.  Most of that flew out the window when I got pregnant last year.  All of it was out the window when Alma was born in January.

So, here I am, giving it all another go!  With a 2 1/2 month old… wish me luck!

Today I followed Jami’s advice and tried to multi-task in the kitchen.  Alma was my sidekick for most of the process and we were able to make granola, bread, salad dressing, peanut butter bites and beans to freeze and use this week.


I made all of this in less than two hours!  Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Alma spent some of the time watching me from her bouncy seat.


She was also amazing enough to take a small nap in her crib.  We are working hard on getting her to nap in her crib.  She’s getting better and better every day!


We finished up with her in the Ergo.


Not bad for my first attempt at this kind of thing with a new baby!  I’m excited to do more!

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