1. Jacque

    I’m fairly certain I was on the naughty list most of the time it I never thought to sneak a peek. I would wake up really early and check out the things that might not be wrapped, like stuffed animals or that one year my brother got a bike. I think parents have a 6th sense for peaking…or at least, the feigned surprise that comes afterwards?

  2. I guess I was on the Nice list. I never peeked. My overbearing Catholic upbringing did not allow for peeking.

    Also I am following you and Katrina on Instagram!!

  3. Cassie

    I was definitely on the nice list! I loved being surprised and the act of opening presents and not knowing what’s inside is one of my favorite things. I can get legit excited over anything if it’s wrapped.

    And your parents had to have known! Unless you were a really good actor. I feel like they’d have to have been able to tell you knew what it was.

    Adorable bag! You’re so creative.

  4. Meredith

    I don’t know if I was on the nice list, but I never peeked at presents. I never even looked, too my memory. Once I found some on accident, and wanted sooooo badly to look, but the “Santa will know” idea prevailed. I’m sorry to say, though, that I bet your parents knew. Kids are terrible liars!
    I’m following you and Katrina on instagram!

  5. Auntie Kim

    The bag is really cute. I was on the good list all of Oct,Nov,and Dec. peeking was a no no for I liked the surprise.
    I really need to come down and have you show me how to make those bags. I want mine lined I will show you them on Etsy. Project bags for knitting.

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