1. What an excellent post. I have so many thoughts. First, I’m so glad we are friends. I share many of these emotions, even now that I’m working. Feeling inadequate and devalued. I remember when I was home with O and we went to a doctor appointment, the lady asked me for my occupation and I wasn’t working. She goes “Oh, stay-at-home mom, hardest job there is!” And all I could think was, “you don’t believe that.” I didn’t really either. Now, however, I definitely do. It is so hard to be so selfless that you feel yourself melting away. It takes a strength of character that is extremely rare. But you, Carolyn, are so good at it. You have a talent for it. You are creative, you understand child development…it’s pretty amazing. Life is long though. I could see you taking all kinds of career paths. (Maybe not Dauntless-type careers though, those people are crazy.)

    Also I like the new color scheme!

    • Thanks, Hannah! I like what you said,” It is so hard to be so selfless that you feel yourself melting away.” That is definitely not one of the things I would expect to be hard about being a stay-at-home mom. It’s funny that this all comes up to me right as I become a (temporarily) working mom.

      I’m really glad we’re friends, too. 🙂 I am excited to celebrate you this weekend!

  2. This is a challenge for any parent, including ones who also have work/career outside of family duties. I go through it sometimes too, and part of that may be because I work from home, and also spend a lot of time with C.

    It’s important to be engaged with the kiddos, yes, but you need to be whole as well, and part of that is trying to figure out time for other things that matter to you.

    It’s also a good example. My grandma told me she made it a priority to do things that mattered to her, so her two daughters would understand that you make time to do what you care about.

    Maybe the big question is, can pinpoint what it is that you feel you’re missing out on? What would be one thing you’d really like to be doing more of?

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