1. Jacque

    Being a mom is hard. I feel like I am constantly questioning what I’m doing, especially at 3am: “He’s crying and wants me. But if I do more then go in and cover him back up and squeeze his glow worm, will I ruin him and his sleeping pattern??!!” I hate it. I feel like we have some great examples of parents near and dear to our hearts. And we are learning from them. Taking pieces we like, leaving pieces we don’t. But who knows what is right? I think you’re definitely right. Breathe, watch, listen, learn. And feel confident that while some things are going to be a smashing success, some things are going to be a crashing failure. And that’s okay. Now…breathe Jacque… 😉 Thanks for the post. And great title!

    • Carolyn

      You are so wise, Jacque! You are definitely not ruining Edison. You are his best mommy! You are doing such a great job, and I’ve loved watching you and Stu become wonderfully caring, loving, intelligent, generous, and funny parents. And you’re right. Being a mom is hard – even without all the outside influences. But you are doing perfectly.

  2. I’m with you! Though I like hearing about why parents do things the way they do. But I could definitely do without the judgment. I think that our decisions about what is important deserves some examination. (From ourselves) For example, I really admire how you and Jesse have raised the girls to be great eaters. That has been important for your family, and I feel like it should be important to me too. But I’m not sure. I think it’s important to do things as a family and to have a time to sit down and listen to each other. So we do sit down for a family “dinner” but we don’t always eat the same thing or even at the same time. So she doesn’t try as many new foods as we’d like, but do get our family time every night. It’s not that bad when I think about it, but I’m still hard on myself and feel like a bit of a failure. Maybe I need to stop the mommy war with myself?

    • Carolyn

      Oh gosh, yes! The biggest war is internal, no doubt! And we all do some things *perfectly* and some things we just do okay. And the things that I do only okay might be the things that you do *perfectly.* And that’s awesome! I think the family time together is the key to dinner time. It’s just easier for our family if we all eat the same thing. ALTHOUGH, I should say that there is at least one night a week where we feed the girls a quick dinner of sandwiches, O’s, cheese, applesauce, or something equally not great then put them to bed so we can enjoy cooking and eating a dinner without them! 🙂

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