1. Blanca

    Hey! You know Peter and Ev in person, cool! I live in Spain, so it’s difficult for me… I’d like to have a signed copy of the CD 🙂
    I can’t just pick one song! But if I have to I will probably go with Baba Yetu, sounds amazing. And for Evynne, I’ll say Brave.

  2. Mike

    Hands down, my favorite Hollens song is Shanandoah! I used to not like the song but the way Peter songs it my mind is totally changed!

  3. Dawn Gooden

    WOW! If I have to pick a favorite…I’ll go with the Skyrim theme for Peter (my fave game AND the video that introduced me to Peter!) For Evynne…that’s tough, but I think it would have to be her cover of Let It Go from Frozen! She knocked it out of the park!!!

  4. Megan Barnett

    I absolutely love the version of The Prayer that Peter and Evynne did! Their voices together are magic! You can really feel the emotion in the song! A really close second is Ashland’s song! It is so hard to just pick one!

  5. Lauren Faith Ansel

    Too many songs to pick for my favorite of Peter’s and Evynne but Ill go with favorite song Peter has done has got to be “Wont Give Up” by Jason Mraz and for Evynne its absolutely “Let it Go” from Frozen!!!

  6. Kaci Tiller

    Hmmm. This is like picking a favorite child lol! I would have to say Into the West is my favorite at the moment. 🙂 As for a song with Evynne and Peter, I adore the song they did for the commercial, “Fall in Love” 🙂

  7. Marianne Rosen-Murr

    WOW, do I have to pick a favorite, they are all fantastic, My favorite Peter Hollens song is Shenandoah, for Peter and Evynne it would have to be Fall in Love. The entire CD is awesome, Love to have one, Thanks for all the music you two, and keep up the excellent work!

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