Pumpkin Beer Fest 2020

Better late than never, I thought it would be good to get the results from 2020 on the internet before we embark into our 2021 beer fest next month. We had a beer fest in 2019, but I never got it on the blog and can’t find the written notes. I’m pretty sure pFriem won, but that’s off the record. Here’s 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Obviously we were online last year for the tasting. To make it easy, we just shared an Elysian pack and added the pFriem – we got a lot of our winners together that way.

Our scale remains:

5 points:  I would drink more of this RIGHT NOW, and never want to drink anything else.
4 points:  I would totally drink this again and again.
3 points:  I would drink this if someone offered it to me, but probably wouldn’t buy it.
2 points:  Would drink if the only choices were this and Bud.
1 point:  Nope. Not ever again.

Here are our ratings along with our anonymous tasting notes.

1st Place: Night Owl. 3.92857

  • 1st pumpkin beer all year – like a pumpkin tart
  • Not too sweat & syrupy
  • Spiced, but not spicy
  • Supple profile

2nd Place: The Great Pumpkin. 3.857142

  • Light & Fresh, like a crisp fall day
  • Tasty, less fragrant, less pumpkiny
  • Bitter, savory

3rd Place: pFriem. 3.357142

  • Fizzy, not pumpkiny at all
  • Champagne of beers
  • No aftertaste
  • Clean
  • Winter ale
  • Like it, but not pumpkin beer

4th Place: Dark o the Moon. 3.285714

  • Less syrypy, Christmasy
  • Chocolate and smooth
  • Crawl into bed with Grandma on Christmas Eve morning

5th Place: Punkuccino. 2.642857

  • Coffee, dirty, syrypy, smells nice
  • Not as good as remembered
  • Good for what it’s going for
  • Crawl into bed with Grandma on Thanksgiving morning

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