1. Jacque

    What a good tutorial! Definitely a good intro into quilting! My favorite decoration would have to be the wooden advent calendar that my MIL gave me for Christmas years ago. My family wasn’t big on tradition (or keeping things!) growing up so it was so fun to fill it with little ornaments I’ve found and have Edison put them on their the tree. I’m sure that I will switch out ornaments over the years as I find ones that are more fun and meaningful but the idea that maybe my children will know “it’s that time again” when I bring it out every year seems magical!

  2. Nice job! I am still intimidated by sewing, but you are breaking down my wall of fear. 🙂
    My favorite Christmas decoration is a little rattle ornament that I got on my first Christmas. It is a clear globe with a cute little baby crib inside. My kids like to look at it now when we get the ornaments out each year.

  3. Bingham

    My favorite decoration is more a collection: crèches!! I have dozens now. I was ordained I. December and was given several as presents. It didn’t take long until I was unintentionally a collector! Now it is intentional. ?

  4. Lauren Sharpton

    Hi! My favorite Christmas decorations are a some simple red ball ornaments I’ve had for a while. They are the first set of ornaments that my husband and I bought together to decorate a teeny tiny tree.

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