1. This is great! Obviously you know that I found you ideas really helpful. I’d never thought of buying spices in bulk. Makes so much sense!I It is also helpful to think about avoiding the expensive isles all together. MoC’s deli is soooo tempting!

    • Carolyn

      The deli is tempting, but not always as amazing as it looks. The things I have a hard time avoiding is the apricot dip, and onion dip. Oh man are those good, but they are expensive! I’ll save buying it for book club! 🙂

      • I’ve been inspired! We wrote down our meal plans for this week and next. Went to Safeway last night and got what we need for the week. Spent about the same as we usually do, but now I know we are covered for actual meals. No more last-minute $30 trips to the store every other night! Thanks for your tips.

  2. Wow, this is just about identical to how we shop. We go Winco for a monthly run of staples and bulk items like what you outlined. Winco is more convenient for us, and it’s about $100-125 a month.

    The spices and such are what we do too with bulk–so much cheaper!

    When Lone Pine is open we go there for much of our produce. Organic is out of our budget for now, but we instead try to do u-pick and at least go for no-spray when possible.

    For meat we get most of ours from Costco. Good quality and pricing. We also get our coffee there.

    I think Michael Pollan pointed out that all te money in food is in the processing. We get Goldfish and some whole grain crackers, and that’s about the extent of snack aisle. Instead of sodas we have our Sodastream for sparkly water.

    Your insights about MoC are really useful. It’s a great place, not as convenient for us, but I like your ideas for how to find the good foods and good buys.

    • Carolyn

      I love the idea of shopping at Lone Pine, or the farmer’s market. I always forget, though! I should just put it on my schedule of what we do during the week. My philosophy is organic if we can swing it, local if we can’t. At least we’re doing at least half the equation right!

  3. Melanie

    I recommend joining the co-op for even more savings on produce and meat and even less trips to the grocery store. If you joint our neighborhood pickup group, sometimes you might even just walk down the street to pick up what you ordered.

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